Do You Really Need SEO Optimized Web Content for Your Marketing Needs?

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Is SEO, or search engine optimization, anathema to you?

Many online business persons simply believe that SEO is nothing but an unethical way wrong-intentioned web marketers game the system. Following the “unfriendly” Google Panda and Penguin updates in 2012, many others joined this bandwagon of ostracizing anyone that claims to be an SEO!

But is search engine optimization really such a bad thing?

Is it the strategy that is wrong or the way businesses have used it over the years?

And, don’t you think you need SEO web content for your online marketing strategy?


SEO Web Content Is Your Best Friend When It Comes To Marketing Online!

The word search engine optimization may appear to be a misnomer but the truth is that optimizing your marketing content is the best thing you can do for your online marketing business.

I am among those who believe that instead of referring to it as search engine optimization it should really be termed web content optimization since you are not really optimizing for the search engines alone but also for your human prospects.

But not minding the nomenclature, search engine optimization (since that is what we have come to know it, unless you want to apply for a name change now! :) ) helps your business in many ways. And I want to say, if you’re not doing SEO then you are definitely doing your online business much harm.

Here are some reasons why you should SEO optimize your web marketing content.

1. Search Engines Remain The First Place Of Call When People Need Information Online

There is no doubt that social media has become very popular today. Besides, news sites offering breaking news and online information portals offering news alerts now abound online. But with all of these available, 90% of the people still depend on the search engines for information. Whenever they need any information about a particular topic, they turn to the search engines!

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Now, you must understand that the search engines have a way of working. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website looks. It doesn’t matter how many times you update it in a day. It doesn’t even matter how great you can write. For your site to rank high in the search engines for those people searching for information to find you, it must have those basic elements that help the search engines to place in the right place in the SERPs.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. without the basic knowledge of what the search engines want, you will NOT be able to create the content that will appeal to the search engines. And when you cannot do this, your beautifully written content would be left in the “not-qualified” basket when the results are presented!

2. Social Media Profiles Need Optimization To Rank High

Many online marketing professionals knows the importance of optimizing your social media profiles if you truly want to drive traffic through social media platforms like,, Google plus and LinkedIn. Simply having a presence on these social media sites is not enough. You want people to find you when they search on these sites or when they use the search engines, like

For example, many clients discovered my web content writing service through my LinkedIn profile. This did not just happen by chance. It happened because I have consciously optimized my LinkedIn profile for certain keyword phrases.

From the insights available to me on the page, you can see that in the past15 days my profile page has shown up in search results 18 times! This is a powerful way of promoting your business using your social media profiles.


Remember that the search engines also crawl and index social media profiles. And if this is so, you will want to optimize your social media profiles for them to rank high on the search engines.

Truth is a carefully optimized social media profile, promotes itself!

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3. Search Engines Drive The Most Valuable Leads Ever!

Why, as a business, do you create web content for your marketing needs? Is it not to gain the attention of prospects and customers? Is it not to help you market more of your products and services?

Now, which type of traffic would you love to visit your business site? Is it not the traffic that is truly interested in what you are offering on your site? I’m sure you have heard of targeted traffic, right? Of course, you want targeted traffic all the time. Now, the search engines can actually help you drive the most valuable traffic that are targeted at your products or services.

Whenever anyone does any search on the search engines, they are actually looking for a particular information at that time. And the search engines are built to help searchers with the most relevant sites that matches their queries. If anyone finds you on the search engines therefore it means that that person is interested on what you have to offer on your business site.

4. Search Engine Traffic Is Free Traffic!

Ok, I know that you can also use PPC (pay per click) to drive traffic using the search engines however, SEO content helps you to drive traffic from the search engines for free! And as we have seen above, if search engines traffic is highly targeted and you can get it for free, this is a big plus for your business. You are actually saving a whole lot of money not only advertising cost, but also making more money doing so!

5. Search Engines Are Facilitators Of Inbound Marketing

There is a general agreement amongst marketers today that the years of “push” or outbound marketing are over. Marketers are now focusing on “pull” or inbound marketing tactics.

Now, the premise of inbound marketing is that you should position yourself in the market in such a way that when prospects and customers go looking for information related to what you are marketing, they would find you. This way, the prospect would be the one running after you instead of you running after her as in the days of “push” marketing.

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As we have mentioned earlier, search engines and social media are today the top places go to for information on any subject of their choice. Getting your marketing content on any of these is simply positioning yourself so that the prospect will find you when she is searching for that solution. So, Search engine optimization actually helps you to position your business to be found online.

Marketing Takeaway

Love it or hate it, SEO optimizing your web content is essential if you truly want to reap the gains of your marketing content. You can decide to write your own web content or hire some professional to do it for you but the fact is, if that content is not optimized for the search engines you will only be wasting resources.

Now, I will not fail to inform you that not everyone who writes web content that knows how to create SEO optimized content. If you want truly optimized content that will appeal to both the search engines and your human targets, then getting qualified professional SEO web content writers to create your content for you is the best choice.

NOTE: Be wary of content writers who speak ill of search engine optimization. No matter how flowering they may sound, the fact stands that they know nothing about search engine optimization and therefore would not be able to give you what you want when it comes to SEO web content.

As a business you want content that will help you with your ROI and not just content that occupies your web page. SEO web content, carefully crafted with your marketing need in mind, will give you that expected ROI. So, go for professional SEO web content writers.

Check out our SEO content writing packages here. They are specially designed to give you what you need to increase your online visibility, inprove traffic generation and increase lead generation. SEO web content indeed pays the right dividend!

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