How to improve Majestics Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) metric

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Improve your Trust and Citation Flow


Trust Flow, along with its sibling Citation Flow, are the latest additions to the roster.

Trust Flow was developed by Majestic SEO, and it now ranks as a significant SEO metric along with PageRank.

As for those who claim Trust Flow and Citation Flow are more critical measures of a website’s value, some people even claim that PageRank has been surpassed as the most important criteria.

While I’ve just argued that businesses need to improve their Trust Flow (TF) ranking to appear higher in search results, it’s important to mention that marketers and business owners should improve their own SEO with regard to Trust Flow (TF).

How does citation flow work?

The metric was designed to predict how influential a link in a website might be, taking into consideration all of the links pointing to it. This website is concerned only with the quantity of links, regardless of the quality. If there are more domains that point to a blog post, then the more influential it is.

In this context, it’s critical to comprehend what the word “influential” means.

the extent to which your site is able to impact the interests of your blog’s readers or your readers who are interested in your specific niche

It is also the case that all trust flow factors also influence citation flow. When there is more trust, there should be more citation flow. It’s possible to say that citation flow is no longer limited by trust flow growth, as demonstrated by increasing citation flow without causing equal increases in trust flow.

Citation flow does not insure that trust flow should also increase, but an increase in citation flow does mean that trust flow should not decrease.

It’s important to remember that, if a site with a high citation flow links to your site, you will gain a high citation flow boost with fewer inbound links.

Seven ways to improve TF ad CF

  1. Increasing trust flow should be the main goal. To keep up the healthy ratio, trust flow should be higher. Increasing citation flow is somewhat pointless. Indirectly it means that, QUALITY OF BACKLINKS WIN OVER QUANTITY.
  2. In 1000 backlinks vs. one authoritative backlink, the authoritative backlink is the clear winner.
  3. Guest posting is the best way to get authoritative backlinks. However, guest posting should be kept to a minimum. The frequency at which the backlinks are built should be kept to a minimum, especially if your blog or site is new.
  4. You should build links from authoritative sites within your niche only. Because MajesticSEO also takes account of topical trust scores. You should have a higher trust score in your niche or topic, to be ranked higher in Google.
  5. Great internal linking strategies help in increasing the trust flow and citation flow. Strong homepage with high flow metrics can influence the pages linked from the homepage. Having backlinks to both the homepage and internal pages boosts flow metrics greatly.
  6. .Gov and .Edu backlinks carry more trust score to your site or blog.
  7. No-follow links also carry citation flow to some extent, but not trust flow.

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